Fitted on Renault and Nissan FWD and RWD big vans, the 2.3 dCi achieves a new frontier for Total Cost of Ownership.


Driving comfort - fun to drive

  • Three performance configurations: 75kW and 92kW (with fixed-geometry turbo), and 110kW (with variable geometry turbo).
  • Available with front or rear-wheel drive


among the best for fuel consumption and CO2*

  • Controlled and cooled EGR gas circuit (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
  • A record of consumption of 7,1l / 100km for the New Master on NEDC cycle
  • A new fuel injection system incorporating latest-generation seven-hole injectors



  • Complies with two emissions standards: Euro4 (without DPF) and Euro5 (with DPF)



  • Timing Chain: lifetime
  • Oil change intervals: up to 40,000 km or 2 years
  • Diesel Particulate Filter: lifetime
  • Cooling liquid : up to 160,000 km / 6 years
  • Air Filter : up to 120,000 km
  • Ancillary Belt : up to 160,000 km / 6 years


*Depends on required emission standards and vehicle characteristics
**On Renault vehicles under West Europe market conditions



Associated transmissions

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